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Economic Development Authority

Economic Development Authority

The Colonial Heights Economic Development Authority (EDA) was established to promote industry and develop trade by inducing assets instrumental to business recruiting and growth. and working with various local, regional and state agencies to market and promote the City. The EDA’s mission is to acquire, own, lease, and dispose of properties and make loans  that it may promote economic development locally. It is also focused on providing funding for matches to recipients of the Commonwealth's Opportunity Fund awards and incentives to businesses and industries expanding and re locating here.

EDA Board Members

  • Pam Comstock, Chairman
  • James Kester, Vice Chairman
  • Louis Blaha
  • Marlon Dance
  • Nancy Halbert
  • Roger Hedrick
  • Johnny Mazza

EDA Staff

  • Karen Epps, Secretary
Colonial Heights Economic Development serves as a single resource and point of contact for companies, site selection consultants, brokers, and corporate real estate executives interested in developing or locating sites within the city.

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